How to install a crimp on so-239 to rg-8x coax.

First slide the crimp ferrule onto the coax. See easy huh? Just wait.
Next, measure out to 1/4 then 1/2 and make marks with a knife.(Some connectors may require slightly different lengths you may have to use a small screwdriver to probe the depth  of the connector)
At the first mark cut through the jacket, braid, and dilectric all the way to the center conductor making sure not to cut the center. May take alittle practice.
Next cut the jacket at the second mark.
Flair back the braid so it doesnt get into the center conductor.

Now slide the little tip that came with the connector onto the center conductor. Place the soldering iron on the oposite side of the little hole in the tip. Heat for a couple seconds then put your solder up to the little hole. The solder will draw into the hole firmly attaching the tip.
Now it gets fun. Slide the connector onto the end of the prepped coax. You should feel the little tip plug into the socket inside of the connector.
Slide the ferrule up against the connector.
Then using the correct crimping tool. Simply crimp the ferrule. I had to crimp and the move the tool over alittle to get the whole thing as the ferrules with these connectors are long.
Thats it your done.  Good stuff huh!